The wedding begins with good conditions. But often the relationship breaks down, communication deteriorates and problems multiply resulting in the couple getting a divorce. There are many losses that occur when a marriage is dissolved, such as the loss of the family in its former form, the loss of the role of spouse, the loss of future plans as a couple, and the loss of the relationship with children as it existed before. Having children in a couple gives divorce another dimension Ex-partners are called upon to deal with many issues, such as managing the pain they experience, reducing conflict, renegotiating their relationship, working together as parents if there are children to be effective in their role. The main psychological effects of a divorce are Anxiety, denial, anger, melancholy, rage, depression, low self-esteem, strict self-criticism and perhaps emotional attachment to the ex-spouse. It takes time for their balances to be restored which will lead to new opportunities on a personal, family, professional and social level.
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